Game Overview

In Bushido - Risen Sun, sword and fist clash against magic and monster, black powder weapons spew shot and smoke, samurai stride into battle against great monsters, and ninja strike from the shadows while the dead rise at the command of shadowy cultists.

The Jwar Isles have found themselves out of balance and all factions are looking to help return their home to the proper order or to take advantage!

About this Site

This site was created with the intention of providing a central (though unofficial) resource for players to reference all things related to playing Bushido in a way which is easy to navigate and search.

While all the core game rules and mechanics are included, the information provided has been abridged and modified to better suit the wiki format and therefore should be used in conjunction with the official rules from GCT Studios.

The aim is to have community involvement in developing the content for continuous improvement over time, and you are encouraged to submit constructive feedback for new content, corrections or technical issues via the wiki forums.

The rules content has been taken from the "Bushido - Risen Sun Final Pass" beta PDF, and as such may need some refinement and double checking against the official rule book.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License